Kedarnath to Badrinath Trekking Distance: 2 Dham

 Kedarnath to Badrinath Trekking Distance: 2 Dham

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Decoding the Kedarnath to Badrinath Trek: Kedarnath to Badrinath Trekking Distance

An enigmatic trail, the Kedarnath to Badrinath trek interconnects two revered Hindu temples: Kedarnath Temple and Badrinath Temple. Spanning approximately 102 kilometres, this journey demands six to seven days to traverse on foot. Kedarnath to Badrinath trekking distance.

Preparation Essentials

1. Physical Prowess and Conditioning

Embarking on the Kedarnath to Badrinath trek mandates robust physical fitness to conquer its challenging terrain. Engaging in regular cardio exercises, strength training, and enduring long walks enhances stamina and endurance.

2. Essential Packing

Prudent packing is the key to a successful trek. Sturdy trekking shoes, warm attire, a comprehensive first-aid kit, water receptacles, snacks, and a cosy sleeping bag are indispensable. Additionally, carry a backpack equipped with a rain cover to shield belongings from unexpected showers.

3. Permits and Authorizations

Acquiring the requisite permits and permissions from local authorities or tour operators is essential for ensuring both safety and adherence to regulations.

Commencement Point: Gaurikund

This mesmerizing journey commences from the quaint village of Gaurikund, conveniently connected to major cities by road. Renowned for its hot water springs, the village derives its name from Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva’s divine consort.

Day 1: Gaurikund to Kedarnath (Distance and Highlights)

On an inaugural day, traverse a distance of roughly 16 kilometres from Gaurikund to Kedarnath, amidst awe-inspiring vistas of the Mandakini River and verdant meadows.

Day 2: Exploring Kedarnath Temple

The second-day beckons exploration of the ancient Kedarnath Temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple’s spiritual aura and splendid architecture evoke profound reverence.

Day 3: Kedarnath to Chopta

Embark on a 20-kilometre trek from Kedarnath to Chopta, fondly known as the “Mini Switzerland” of Uttarakhand. As you move towards the forest, beautiful rhododendrons and oak trees are seen all around you.

Day 4: Chopta to Tungnath and Chandrashila

From Chopta, proceed to Tungnath, home to the world’s highest Shiva temple. The trail then ascends to Chandrashila, offering breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan peaks.

Day 5: Chopta to Joshimath

The fifth day entails a 70-kilometre trek from Chopta to Joshimath, adorned with captivating panoramas of snow-capped mountains and pristine landscapes.

Day 6: Joshimath to Badrinath

The penultimate day leads from Joshimath to Badrinath, the ultimate destination. Badrinath Temple, one of the four Char Dham pilgrimage sites, holds immense religious sanctity.

Day 7: Exploring Badrinath Temple

The concluding day is dedicated to exploring the ancient Badrinath Temple, inviting immersion in its spiritual ambience.

The Spiritual Essence of the Trek

Beyond an adventure, the Kedarnath to Badrinath trek is a spiritual odyssey. Amidst the majestic Himalayas and revered temples, a sense of serenity and devotion envelops every soul.

The Mesmeric Symphony of Nature

Throughout the journey, nature’s pristine beauty enthrals the heart. Snow-capped peaks, glistening rivers, and blossoming meadows compose an enchanting symphony.

Safety Measures and Insights

Embarking on this trek necessitates an unwavering focus on safety. Adequate hydration, compliance with the guide’s instructions, and responsible trail practices are imperative.


The Kedarnath to Badrinath trek weaves an enthralling tapestry of adventure, spirituality, and the sublime beauty of the Indian Himalayas. A profound opportunity to connect with oneself and the divine while exploring breathtaking landscapes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the Kedarnath to Badrinath trek demand prior experience in trekking?

While prior trekking experience can prove advantageous, beginners can undertake this journey with adequate preparation and guidance.

Are there any age restrictions for the trek?

While no strict age restrictions exist, participants should possess physical fitness and the ability to cover significant distances on foot.

Can I undertake the trek solo, or is joining a group advisable?

Both options are feasible. Joining a group accompanied by an experienced guide can enhance safety and the overall trekking experience.

What is the ideal time for this trek?

May to June and September to October offer the most favourable weather and accessible trails for the Kedarnath to Badrinath trek.

Are accommodation options available during the trek?

Yes, basic lodges and guesthouses are available at various stops along the trek route.

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